What We Do

Call One Step Beyond to Inspect & Clean your kitchen exhaust system. Our professionally trained and experienced service technicians use environmentally friendly chemicals to thoroughly clean your kitchen exhaust system. We will set up and follow a cleaning schedule that complies with N.F.P.A. 96 standards, your local fire codes also health & safety codes. We leave behind a clean kitchen and a detailed Service Report that explains what we found and our recommendations.

Services Offered: 


  • Fan Belt Service
  • Fan Repair and Maintenance
  • General Pressure Washing
  • Grease Containment Systems
  • Kitchen Equipment Detailing
  • Concrete & Awning Cleaning
  • Dumpster Pad Cleaning
  • Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning
  • Filter Exchange Services
  • 24 Hour Emergency Fan Repairs & Maintenance
  • Electrical Repairs

One Step Beyond Services  certification #0307

also certified Asbestos O & M,

Confined Space Entry.